Camera: Sony A73

The Sony A73 is a professional camera that shoots in 4k. Excels in low-light and high-light atmospheres and exceeds your expectations. Whether that is interview shots, cinematic shots, or sports shots.

Drone: Mavic Pro 2

This drone can be used for photos and video. It is a high-quality, reliable, new drone from DJI. This can include slow-motion, time-lapse, or real-speed shots.

Lens: Tamron 28-75mm

This is a versatile zoom lens with a wide-to-portrait-length range of video and images. With a high resolution, you receive clarity and strong sharpness in your image. As a second-generation lens, improvements have been made in order to have this be a top-selling lens. 

Gimbal: DJI Ronin-S

The Ronin-S gimbal is a popular, new stabilizer for filmmakers. It destroys any fears of shaking video and creates stable, reliable, and professional video shots.

Microphone: Rode Pro

The Rode Pro is a shotgun microphone, connects on top of the camera, that picks up high-quality audio while blocking out white noise and background distractions.

Wireless Microphone: Rode II

Rodes high-end, professional, wireless microphones are the best around. They attach to your subject and create crisp, clear audio for your videos. With this, I have two Laverlier Mics (one black, one white) that help give you audio directly from the person speaking